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Learn the answers to common concerns about who we are and the home selling process.

Will you actually purchase my house or is this an MLS listing?2024-05-20T17:03:09-04:00

We are not listing real estate agents.  We are cash buyers of houses that purchase homes in South Bend Indiana.  We either repair and resell homes or rent them out as landlords.

Is your pricing competitive and fair?2024-05-20T17:15:47-04:00

We often acquire homes at prices a bit below current market values, which allows us to earn a small profit. Our goal is to secure a reasonable discount on the property. From our experience, many sellers aren’t necessarily looking for a large “windfall” but rather value the benefits we offer: cash payments, quick closings (no waiting for financing), and no need for you to spend time, effort, or money on realtors fees or repair headaches. If these advantages appeal to you and you’re interested in selling your house quickly, let’s discuss if we can reach a fair sales price. Additionally, our zero commitment cash offers mean you are not required to accept our offer, but it’s useful to know what we can provide!

How Do You Decide the Offer Price for My House?2024-05-20T17:04:39-04:00

That’s a fantastic question, and we’re happy to explain: Our approach is very transparent and simple. We consider several factors, including the property’s location, the necessary repairs, its current condition, and the recent sale prices of similar homes in the area. As you’re likely aware, property values have significantly dropped over the past five years, and many regions have not yet recovered. By evaluating all this information, we can arrive at a fair price that benefits both you and us.

Are There Any Commission Fees When Working with You?2024-05-20T17:05:14-04:00

This is where we differ from the traditional home-selling process: there are absolutely NO fees or commissions when you sell your house to us. We’ll present you with an offer, and if it’s agreeable, we’ll purchase your house (we often cover the closing costs as well!). It’s a hassle-free experience with no hidden fees. We earn our profit after we buy the house, make any necessary repairs, and sell it. We assume all the risks involved in reselling the property, so you can walk away free from the burden of ownership and its associated costs, often with cash in hand.

What Obligations Are There For Me To Give You My Information?2024-05-20T17:07:06-04:00

There is absolutely no obligation on your part. Once you provide some details about your property, we’ll review the information, possibly set up a call to learn more, and then make you a fair all-cash offer. After that, the decision to sell is entirely yours. We won’t hassle or pressure you in any way. The choice is 100% yours, and we respect whatever decision you make.

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The Bright Future Home Buyers Property Selling Solution.

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Bright Future Home Buyers

  • No Repairs. Sell As-Is. Zero Cleanup.

  • Zero Fees For Selling Your Home

  • 7 Days Or Less To Close

  • Highest Off-Market Cash Prices

  • Closing Costs = None

Traditional Process

  • 2-3+ Months Long Sales Timelines

  • Open Houses & Buyer Showings

  • Stressful Repairs and Cleanups

  • Unpredictable & Unreliable Offers

  • 6% Commissions Plus Pay More Fees